Repromate Injection


1ml contains-

Clopostenol Sodium, KVP ………263 mcg

(As clopostenol…………………250 mcg)

Sterile Water for Injection… q.s to


Cloprostenol sodium is a synthetic reproductive hormone which is analogue to prostaglandin & structurally related to prostaglandin F2α (PGF2α)


Unobserved or undetected estrus

Pyometra or chronic endometritis

Expulsion of mummified fetus

Helps in Ovulation, luteolysis & contraction of uterine smooth muscle.

Controlled breeding

Mode of Action

Repromate is a synthetic prostaglandin which is analogues to cloprostenol is powerful luteolytic agents. They cause rapid regression of the corpus luteum and arrest its secretary activity. These prostaglandins also have direct stimulating effect on uterine smooth muscle causing contraction and a
relaxant effect on the cervix. In normally cycling animals, estrus will generally occur 2-5 days after treatment.

Dosage & Administration

Cattle : 2ml/head (Cloprostenol 500 mcg) IM.

Mare: 0.5-1 ml per 400 kg BW, 2 ml more than 400 kg BW.

Or, As directed by the veterinary physician.

Side effect

Mild side effects may be detected in some cases. These include increased uneasiness, slight frothing, and milk let-down.


Repromate should not be administered to a pregnant animal which is not to be aborted

It should not be administered as intravenous injection

It also should not be administered into female horse which got respiratory problem or acute/sub acute gastro intestinal problems.


Store in a cool and dry place (under 250c temperature). Protected from light, keep out of the reach of children.

Pack Size

10 ml vial.

Uni-Oxytocin Injection


Each ml Uni-Oxytocin injection contains:

Oxytocin 10 I.U


Oxytocin is a hormone secreted from posterior pituitary gland. It is usually secreted at the later stage of pregnancy, during and a few days after parturition. Oxytocin promotes expulsion of foetus and increases the secretion of milk by stimulating uterine musculature and myoepithelial cells around the alveoli of the udder. After parturition it helps in the expulsion of placenta and involution of uterus.


Uterine inertia

Delayed parturition

Retension of Placenta

Post partum haemorrhage

Prolapse of uterus

Incomplete milk letdown

Pyometra and insufficient involution of uterus in cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, dog etc.

Dosage & Administration

Horse        : 1.5 -6 ml IV/IM/SC

Cow, Buffalo : 1.5 -6 ml IV/IM/SC

Sheep, Goat : 0.5-1.5 ml IV/IM/SC

Cat, Dog  : 0.1-1.0 ml IV/IM/SC

Side effect

Vasodilatation, decreased blood pressure, hyperstimulation of uterus if used at high dose and sometimes anaphylactic reactions may occur.

As directed by registered veterinarian.

Contraindications/ Precaution

Incomplete dilatation of cervix (below three fingure) in ruminants, too big size foetus.


Store in a cool & dry place at controlled room temprature 20-250 C (68-770 F ) protected from light. Keep out of reach of children.


Store in a cool (below 250C) & dry place, protect from light. Keep all medicines out of reach of children.

Pack Size

10 ml vial.