E-Carbzol® Injection


Each ml contains:

Imidocarb dipropionate             120 mg
Methyl parahydroxybenzoate    0.45 mg
Propyl parahydroxybenzoate    0.05 mg


Imidocarb dipropionate is aquous solution highly active against infection caused by adult and immature stages of Babesia in cattle, sheep, goat, horse and against Anaplasma infection in cattle and horses.

Mode of action

Imidocarb act by combining with nucleic acids of DNA in susceptible organisms, causing the DNA to unwind and denature. This damage of DNA is believed to inhibit cellular repair and replication. E-carbzol  (imidocarb dipropionate) exerts its action through two mechanisms-

♣ Interference with the production and utilization of polyamines
♣ Prevention of entry of inositol into the erythrocyte containing the parasite


♣ For the prevention and treatment of babesiosis in cattle, sheep, goat and horse.
♣ For the treatment of anaplasmosis in cattle and horse.

Dosage & Administration

For intramuscular (IM) or subcutaneous (SC) use only

For treatment of Babesiosis:

Cattle, sheep, goat: 1ml/100 kg BW, in case of mixed infections with Anaplasma and Babesia, 2.5 ml/100 kg BW. Severely affected animals may require a second dose after 24 hours.
Horse: 2ml/100 kg BW

For treatment of Anaplasmosis:

Cow, Buffalo, Sheep & Goat: 2.5 ml/100 kg BW

Or as directed by veterinary physician.

Side effects

Commonly seen are irritation during injection and mild cholinergic signs such as salivation, nasal drip or brief episodes of vomiting. Other effects seen less frequently are panting, restlessness, diarrhea, and mild inflammation on injection site. In case of cholinergic signs atropine sulfate may be used.


Intravenous administration is prohibited.

Withdrawal Time

Meat: 28 days,
Milk: 3 days

Pack size

100 ml bottle.


Store in a cool and dry place, Protect from light.
Keep out of reach of children.

Prescribing Information

Diminal® Injection


Each 1g contains:

Diminazene diaceturate      445 mg
Phenazone                         555 mg


Diminal injection is an effective antiprotozoal drug for the treatment of trypanosomiasis, babesiosis and Theileriasis.


Trypanosomes :
Trypanosoma congolense, Tryp. vivax and Tryp. brucei.

Piroplasms :
Babesia bovis, Bab. bigemina, Bab, ovis, Bab. motasi and other species of Babesia, Theileria annulata.

How to prepare diminal injection

Step 1: Collect one 20 ml disposable sterile syringe

Step 2: Remove the piston and the needle of the syringe, blocked the opening by the tip of the finger and uphold the back side of the syringe.

Step 3: Cut the sachet through marked area by the sterilized scissor.

Step 4: Take 15 ml of distilled water in the syringe add the medicine into it. Fix the piston with the syringe and shake well. Now the mixture is ready for injection.

Dosage & Administration

The injection should be administered intramuscular route at following dosages and after use the syringe should be discarded.

1.0ml/20     kg BW
5.0ml/100   kg BW
15.0ml/300 kg BW

Pack Size

2.36 gm sachet.


Store in a cool & dry place protected from light. Keep out of reach of children.

Prescribing Information