K-Pain® Vet Bolus/Injection


Injection: Each ml contains Ketoprofen BP 100 mg.
Bolus: Each bolus contains Ketoprofen BP 400 mg.


♣ Treatment of lameness of traumatic origin, fractures, tendonitis etc., Management of post-surgical pain, relieving chronic pain (e.g., arthritis etc.) and for the symptomatic treatment of fever (e.g, ephemeral fever, FMD etc.)

♣ Reducing pyrexia and distress associated with bacterial respiratory disease when used in conjunction with antimicrobial therapy, reducing oedema of the udder associated with calving.

♣ Improving the recovery rate in acute clinical mastitis, including acute endotoxin mastitis, caused by gram-negative bacteria in conjunction with antimicrobial therapy.

♣ Supportive treatment of parturient paresis (Milk Fever) associated with calving, alleviation of inflammation and pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders, alleviation of visceral pain associated with colic


● Do not administer to cattle or horses hypersensitive to ketoprofen, do not administer other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) concurrently or within 24 hours of each other

● Contraindicated in animals suffering from cardiac,hepatic or renal disease, gastro-intestinal ulceration or bleeding.

Side effect

Like all NSAIDs, gastric or renal intolerance may occur in certain individuals.

Withdrawal period

Meat: 4 days, Milk: Nil


Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light. Keep out of the reach of children.

Prescribing Information

Fevasole® Injection


Each ml contains-

Metamisole INN   500 mg


Ephemeral fever, Arthritis, Laminitis, Traumatic infection, Pain, Wound, Fever etc.

Dosage & Administration

Fevasole® injection can be administered through intravenous or deep intramuscular.

It can be used repeatedly in the same day if required.

Cattle :  8 ml/100kg of body weight.

Horse : 20-60 ml

Calves : 5-15 ml

Goat & Sheep       : 2-8 ml

Dog & Cat              : 1-5 ml

Or as prescribed by the  registered veterinarians.

Side effect

Do not inject Fevasole subcutaneously since this may cause irritation of the tissue.


Keep in dry & cool place.

Protect from light.

Keep it out of reach of children.

Pack size

10x10 ml amber glass vial.

Prescribing Information

Acitamol®(vet) Bolus


Each Bolus contains:

Paracetamol BP    :               2g


Acitamol ® (vet) to be used for the recovery of fever, pain and tissue swollen resulting from trauma, injury, burn or any other infectious diseases of cattle, horse, calf, sheep, goat, dog, cat, zoo animals and poultry. Used as a general treatment for reducing distress conditions of birds (fever or listlessness) that accompanies many diseases.


Excellent Antipyretic Effect

Better Analgesic activity

Do not causes ulceration

Can cause inhibition of phagocytosis and hence in the treatment of inflammatory conditions associated with bacterial infections.

Dosage & Administration

Cattle: 1 bolus per 130-140 kg body weight and administered orally for three times a day.

Poultry: 1 bolus make powder and mix with 10 ltr  drinking water, 2-3 times a day.

Or as directed by the veterinary physician.


Store in a cool & dry place, protect from light. Keep out of the reach of children.

Pack size

4 x 5 boluses in a box.

Prescribing Information