ACI Animal Health produces nutritional products, antibiotics, disinfectants, analgesic, and antihistamines at its own factory at Naraynaganj and distributes them nationwide. The products are made in a controlled environment that ensures highest level of quality. ACI also markets pond management products, medicinal feed additives and other pharmaceuticals. It is also involved in a Joint venture with India’s Godrej and through this collaboration, they produce and market poultry ,cattle, Aqua feed  and produces day old chicks from Godrej hatchery. Notably, ACI has invested in a laboratory, where experienced pharmacists constantly improve products and controls the quality.
To complement its business  activities, ACI Animal Health provides training regarding improved farming techniques, communicates and exchanges information and advice about spotting diseases in the farm animals, and educates farmers and businessmen about recent developments regarding animal health technologies. The ACI Animal Health team strives to provide complete solution by providing timely customer service, relevant technical education and incisive business support for ensuing highest yield for the farmers and its institutional customers. ACI Animal Health endeavors serves the whole nation in terms of more diversified and greater source of protein for every individual in the country.